Cast above from the reading for After Life Dating Service: Left to right: 

Scott Moss, Michael Tatlock, William Joseph Hill, Cal Bartlett, Roberta E. Bassin, Audrey Mitchell and Pamela Hill.

After Life Dating Service

After Life Dating Service has been placed into the semi-finalist catagory for the Culver City portion of the Cinefest Festival!

Audrey Mitchell and Michael Tatlock as Robin Moss and Tony Evans.

The After Life Dating Service was shot on October 1st and 2'nd - 2016, in Burbank, CA.  A wonderful and successful shoot. Soon opening in a film festival near you!

After Life Dating Service is being screened at the Culver City Film Festival on Saturday, December 3, 2016.  Screening is at 10:00 PM.  Tickets only $10.00, Click here and get yours today


LAUNCH DATE FOR OUR CROWD FUNDING CAMPAIGN IS: AUGUST 17th - it has now started. Every person who makes a contribution to our Indiegogo Fund-raising to produce After Life Dating Service will get a Co-Producer thank you on our update page! Go to our Indiegogo Campaign now! We earned $600.00 toward the filming of the short. Thank you to all of our co-producers.  CLICK HERE   

On June 28, 2015 we had a reading for "After Life Dating Service."  The Actors who participated: Maray Ayres, Cal Bartlett, Roberta E. Bassin, Pamela Hill, William Joseph Hill, Bill Mendieta, Audrey Mitchell, Scott Moss, Rhoda Pell, Michael Tatlock and Brigitte Waites

The cast for After Life Dating Service, the movie short!

Melanie H. Vansell, Michael Tatlock as George and Audrey Mitchell

Melanie H. Vansell as Martha, Michael Tatlock as Tony, Audrey Mitchell as Robin Moss

Original screenplay by: Marguerite Fair

The real drama and comedy starts after life...

​Synopsis: Santa Monica, CA - when psychic Robin Moss gets fired from her job; as she waits for her deceased lover to reincarnate, she starts the "After Life Dating Service" to help the living find love with their dead soulmates.CLICK HERE ABOUT OUR ACTORS